Smart Loan

Low Interest

Average APR of 14%

5 Days

We aim to complete applications in 5 days (T&C’s apply)

Higher Value Loans

You can apply for a loan up to £10,000

Get Smart

Need help towards the deposit for your new home? Is there a car you have wanted but struggled to raise the funds? Apply for our Smart Loan to help afford the more expensive milestones in life.

The Smart Loan is tailored towards you. The process of the application may be more involved but we hope the final outcome is worth it. 

With a competitive interest rate of APR 14%, free insurance, no hidden fees and flexible terms over a maximum of 5 years, why look anywhere else?

Our Smart Loan is designed for members with a higher disposable income. Applications are accepted from £3,000 and are individually accessed by our experienced loans team - we aim to process these within five working days (T&C's apply).

This loan cannot be refinanced. 

If this loan is not for you have a look at our Welcome Loan if you are a new member or our Saver Loan if you have been a member with us for more than a year.