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In our last blog post, we spoke about holidaymakers with cancelled summer plans looking for getaways closer to home. The nice spell of sunshine we have had seems to have inspired a camping renaissance as a fresh wave of campers buy tents and make plans for when we can move around more freely.

A lot you may have not known you were going to go camping at the start of the year and now you need to get some money together to buy the essentials. Thankfully, your local credit union is here to help. 


In these times it’s important to support small businesses in our seaside towns and countryside. But it’s also good to know that any interest made from a loan getting you on holiday is invested back into your local community.

Your first Welcome Loan application with South Manchester Credit Union will be processed within 2 working days and can be anything from £150 to £1000. Interest is charged on the reducing balance at APR 42.6%. If you already have a Welcome Loan or Saver Loan you may be eligible to refinance. 


You may not be planning your trip for a few months, which means you have time to save. Saving with South Manchester Credit Union is as simple as setting up a standing order and watching your savings grow. Saving is made easy as you don’t have a bank card, meaning you won’t spend your savings on impulse before your trip. To withdraw them into your current account you just need to pop us a message on our messaging app, Nivo.  

Members who save may receive an annual dividend because their savings are shares within the credit union. Building up your savings over time means you have a history with us and may be eligible to apply for higher loans in the future. 

We offer a range of savings accounts but PrizeSaver is the one which will get you excited about saving. Every pound (up to £200) counts as an entry into a monthly draw with a top prize of £5000 and 20 more of £20. Imagine saving up for your holiday and then getting all that extra spending money! 

Our credit union has a lot to offer and you may want to have a chat with us before joining. Pop us a message on Nivo, tell us what your holiday plans are and we will see how we can help you. 

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