1p Saving Challenge: Save £667.95 in a year! With free printable

Who’s up for the 1p Saving Challenge?   Skint Dad brought this saving tip to light and what a tip it is if it’s continued for an entire year! The challenge starts off by saving 1p on the first day, 2p on the second day, 3p on the third, and, well, you get the point. The […]

Eden Aesthetics Story

“The credit union has helped us turn an idea into a business!” You’d be forgiven for thinking the financial sector isn’t always a glamorous one, but this story could well change your mind. One of our members, Chloe, secured a loan from us to help set up her own business, Eden Aesthetics, along with her […]

Borrowing with bad credit

We have an ethical approach to our lending. There are no hidden fees and all of our charges are transparent and fair.

Ryan’s Story

My name’s Ryan and I came into the credit union world blissfully unaware of the positive impact the organisation could have on its community.

Jonathan’s story

‘The credit union allowed me to actually graduate’ – This is one of a thousand ways a credit union can help and this, in particular, was how we helped Jonathan. Jonathan, a Masters’ student, was working part-time whilst attending university. He was a hard-working student and his graft was rewarded with a conditional job offer relating to […]

Brenda’s story

A credit union is for everyone. Whatever the circumstances, you can rely on help and support from your credit union. Brenda, a South Manchester Credit Union member, experienced this when she went through her own financial difficulties. Brenda and her husband did not always have the financial security they do now. Once being discharged from bankruptcy, she and her […]