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Disappointed holiday makers become happy campers

With thousands of flights cancelled, Brits looking for a holiday are now turning to domestic tourism. It is no surprise that camping and holiday parks are proving to be appealing with their generously sized pitches spread over large, rural locations.

Campsites have been one of the many types of business to take a hit during lockdown but may be open for business sooner than others. They are now considering how they will reopen safely when people can move around more freely later in the year.

Where to go?

You’d be surprised by some of the beautiful locations you can go camping in the UK, many just on Manchester’s doorstep. Luckily for Mancs, our city is only a few hours’ drive from three of our most awe-inspiring national parks: The Peak District, The Yorkshire Dales and The Lake District. You might also look to go camping near the seaside. Whether you want to relive your childhood walking down Blackpool promenade with a stick of rock or relax on the Quality Coast Award winning beach of Ainsdale in Southport

Camping is cheaper

The silver lining is that holiday makers planning on staying close to home may even save money this summer by opting to go camping. Most campsites in the UK range from £10 – £30 per night depending on whether you need electricity sockets.


It may not be the Ritz but it certainly doesn’t cost much to get a good sturdy tent. But before you buy you need to ask yourself a few questions. 

How often will you be using the tent?

Investing a little more in a tent could pay off if it takes a while before we can go abroad again. You may also decide to go camping again next year to save money. 

How many people will be sleeping in the tent? 

This is important. Consider how much room you will need, some 4-man tents are quite small but very suitable for 2 adults and 2 small children. For larger families, you may want to look into buying a tent with two bedrooms.

How big is your budget?

It goes without saying that the more you spend the better a tent you will get. If you feel like investing a bit more it’s worth looking at tents with some living space or an extra compartment for storage. 

If stores are not open near you, check the measurements of the tent and test how big they are with a tape measure in your living room or garden. Decathlon and Millets are great places to pick up tents ranging in prices and sizes. There are also hundreds of more bargains to be found online. 


If you’re going camping you need more than just a tent. There are some essentials you’re going to need to survive a few nights in the great outdoors:

  • Torch
  • Sleeping bags
  • Pillow
  • Camping mat
  • Camping chairs

There is no need to splash out on equipment. Like tents, the amount you want to spend is up to you. Most of these can be purchased cheaply from Sports Direct or the same place you got your tent, to save on delivery.

It is also important to think about what you need. Will you really need chairs? What facilities are already on the campsite? How comfortable do you want to be? These are questions that could save you a lot of money, whether its savings on things you don’t need or by getting them cheaper online now.


If this has got you thinking camping isn’t so cheap after all you’d be wrong. When you add up all the costs, you’ll be spending half as much as you would on a holiday abroad. We are sure that your camping holiday will be great. The times we live in have brought us closer together and made us realise how important our key workers are. It has also made us realise we have been taking the beautiful islands we live on for granted. So, get out camping and have a great summer. Happy Holidays.

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