Faye Mooney Legacy Fund

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Faye Mooney Legacy Fund

Faye Mooney was an Aid Worker who died in a gun attack in the Kaduna region of Nigeria on 19 April 2019.

At the time of her death Faye was working as a Communications Specialist for the aid charity Mercy Corps in Nigeria, and had been closely involved in a range of humanitarian programmes to prevent hunger and disease, and to promote conflict resolution across the country.

Growing up in South Manchester, Faye attended St Catherine’s Primary School, Trinity Secondary School, and Loreto Sixth Form College. After studying at University College London, she went to London School of Economics. During her postgraduate study years in London, Faye embarked on her international development career at the University of Soran in Kurdistan, North Eastern Iraq, where she designed and taught courses to encourage tolerance and equality. Then, in Kosovo, Serbia, she led an innovative project to build peace and co-operation in the region through the creation of a new cross-cultural University in the city of Mitrovica.

With Mercy Corps, Faye had recently instigated and organised a ‘Hackathon’ conference in Lagos to tackle social media hate speech in the run up to the Nigerian national elections in February 2019 (see video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDTPcRrXYyo).

After witnessing the huge outpouring of love for Faye, and the obvious desire to honour her inspirational life and work, we would like to use the money raised to build a positive legacy.  We have been much moved by the response of primary school teachers from around the world, who have drawn inspiration from Faye’s humanitarian nature to focus on kindness and helpfulness to others.

A teacher in Australia has said:

“I asked the children what kind of person they thought Faye was and they said different things like ‘brave’, ‘kind’, ‘strong’, ‘loving’, ‘caring’, ‘helpful’ and ‘a good friend’. Around the circle the kids each said something that they would focus on to help someone else. Now, whenever we need a time when we want to focus on being kind and helpful, we are going to call it a ‘Faye Day’ “.

Other teachers have picked up on this idea, and it is something we would very much like to build upon. So in establishing the Faye Mooney Legacy Fund our aim is to create new educational and other types of resources to promote personal positive action among young people.

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