This is the financial revolution

It's time to make a change.

Thousands of people have joined South Manchester Credit Union to better their finances. Our goal is to create a more sustainable lifestyle for our members through regular saving and access to affordable loans.

For those who don't know much about us, we're a not-for-profit co-operative continuously growing from strength to strength. We're here to put an end to extortionate APR rates and are dedicated to doing what's right for our members - which can be considered rare in our line of work. 

So, whether you're looking to save or borrow, your local credit union is here to support you. 

Download our messaging app, Nivo, and start your membership today.

Don't want the app?

Not to worry, you can join online too! click join online and fill out the application 

Just a few more benefits...

Not- for- Profit

Any profit may be returned to members in the form of a dividend

Low Interest Rates

Our rates range between

42.6% and 14% APR
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Quality Service

We provide quick, comprehensive support. We look to go the extra mile for those who need it

For the People

You are at the forefront of the organisation. Decisions that we make are to meet the diverse needs of our members

Free Insurance

We offer free insurance on loans and savings
Click here to learn more about insurance T&C’s

Easy to Save

You can set up a standing order or speak to your employer about starting our
payroll deduction scheme

And if you're looking to borrow...


We look at more than just your credit score

Free Insurance

All loans are covered with CUNA Mutual Insurance (T&C’s apply)

Tailored to You

You choose a repayment that best suits you

Early Repayments

No fees for early repayments or over-payments

Quality Service

We have your best interests at heart and do everything we can to benefit you

No Loan Fees

You only pay interest on the reducing balance of your loan