Paths through a world of uncertainty

During a period of global uncertainty, our credit union community is one pillar that has strengthened and become even more united. It is something that we have been able to rely on during adverse moments, not just this year, but in years gone by. Together we have and will find our way.

The inclusiveness of credit unions allows us to thrive within our localities as we try our best to support everyone who walks through our doors, albeit virtually at the moment.

We have been front and centre of the issues that our members have faced and we have tried to tackle these together. Community is who we are.

Our Chair, Mike Connolly, is also Consultant Nurse for the NHS and has been in a unique position to experience first-hand the health and financial implications of the pandemic on people within our communities.

He opened our credit union trade body’s AGM on Tuesday 23rd March with his most recent poem which was dedicated to this occasion and was first heard on the anniversary of the very first lockdown.

Paths through a world of uncertainty

We must find paths through the dense woods
Of pandemic and economic upheaval.
We will find the paths.

We will make choices for the future
And those who imagined our credit unions
Will influence that choosing.

Our easy confidence in cooperation
And our instinct for inclusion,
Will be credit unions at their best.

It’s in our nature to walk close to each other.
We plan to reach the open fields together.
Where it will be easier to see.

We will find the paths.
It’s what we do.

We thank Mike once again for sharing his positivity and creativity with us.

The poem is a humble attempt to capture a few swirling thoughts: the exhaustion and sadness of Covid and the economic uncertainty, the need to find ways through and the relief we feel at having confidence in our credit unions and in each other. It was a privilege to try to capture such complex feelings. I hope that it rings true with people.”

Mike Connolly, Chair of South Manchester Credit Union.

The poem highlights the hard truths of the pandemic alongside the positive perspective that we share as credit unions. Mike’s words resonate for credit unions around the world. We are confident and cooperative. We are inclusive and walk together.

We will find the paths.

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