Annual Dividend

The credit union making a profit means you may make a profit in the form of a dividend

Develop your Membership

We look at your saving history to help determine how much you can borrow

Protect Yourself

Expect the unexpected by having a financial safety net to fall back on

Treat Yourself

Save up for something nice

Free Insurance

Free insurance for members.
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Online Access

Make a withdrawal and check your balances online

Save more... get more

Here at South Manchester Credit Union we encourage savings. Savings are important for members to help pay for the finer things in life and to provide a safety net if financial troubles occur. The credit union is a co-operative which means the members own it and member savings are essentially their shares in the organisation. Depending on the performance of the credit union you may receive an annual dividend on your savings. 

All member savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. More information on this can be found at

We make saving easy with these accounts:

  • Open Savings
  • Locked Savings 
  • Young Savers
  • Christmas Savings

We accept payments through the Members' Area, by bank transfer or come to 187 Fog Lane where you can pay in whilst getting a warm welcome.  

So what are you waiting for? Get saving today!

Open Savings

Stay Happy

Keep yourself happy knowing you have got some extra money tucked away

Build Your Savings

Grow your savings with a limit of one withdrawal per month

Easy Access

Use the online Members’ Area to check your balance and make a withdrawal

Locked Savings

Supporting South Manchester

Investing back within the community to provide fair and affordable loans

You are a Shareholder

Keep on adding to your shares in the credit union


Free insurance for members.
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Don't want the app?

Not to worry, you can join online too! open account online and fill out the application: