We’ve hit 500 Google reviews!

You may remember in 2021 when we were celebrating our 300th review. Now we’re delighted to announce that we’ve surpassed 500 five-star reviews!

It’s heart-warming to know that our service can have such a positive impact on our community.

The best thing about our reviews are the comments left with the ratings. Members taking the time to rate us is a blessing, but when the majority go that extra mile to describe their experience, it’s beautiful.

From a deeper look into those who have provided feedback, we noticed for some it’s their first-ever review! Knowing that we’ve influenced our member’s finances to the point they would leave feedback for the first time on Google says a lot to us.

In the 300th review article we produced, we asked the team what they thought, so we thought we’d do the same again!

We started by speaking to the Chair, Mike, who said: 

“We’re a five hundred, five-star credit union and we’re chuffed to be so highly recommended by our members.”

Ginka said:

“Reading the reviews feels good and makes you understand the difference our credit union is making in the community.”

It’s easy to get bogged down in our work without fully acknowledging the good we can do. Reflection is key. The comments and ratings that our members leave are a reminder of the impression we have on our community’s finances.

We strive for excellence, which is a huge ambition, but it’s a goal our members deserve. We’re not perfect, but these reviews prove that we’re on the right path to providing fair finance to South Manchester.

Ryan says:

“The fact we have 500 reviews is an achievement in itself, but over 500 five-star reviews is mad! It goes to show when you are kind, respectful and fair, it translates into positive outcomes.”

Charlotte said:

“It’s nice to see all the hard work reflecting such positivity – I’ve not worked here long but it feels great to be part of such a successful team!”

500 five-star reviews are still the beginning. They’re a motivator to the team and give a strong impression to those who discover us online who may be completely new to credit unions.

Click here to read more of the reviews yourself – you won’t be disappointed!


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