Saver Loan

Up to £3,000

Apply to loan up to £3,000 (T&C’s Apply)

Quick Processing

We process loan applications within 5 working days

Low Interest

An APR of 24% on the reducing balance


Saving pays off

Whether you need extra funds for your holiday, paying for school uniforms or want to buy some extra presents for Christmas, a Saver Loan will help cover your expenses.

If you have been a member of the credit union for more than 12 months and built your savings to at least £100 you can apply for a Saver Loan.

All loans require savings and have an individual credit level based on affordability, savings and member history. Loans will be offered at 3 times your savings within this limit. Loans can be refinanced up to 4 times a year as long as total credit stays within the credit level. The minimum refinance level is £150.