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Kirstie’s IVA Testimony

My name is Kirstie, I am a mother of four children and a full-time stepmother of one. The objective of this testimony is to explore my personal experiences as well as explain how I handled my debts.

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Lee’s Story

With huge pressure to have the latest gadgets, Lee got himself into high-cost debt with rent-to-purchase stores and doorstep lenders. It had got to the

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Taofeek’s Story

‘My income wasn’t enough to cover the cost of everything’ – this is the case for so many people and sometimes a helping hand from

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Wilf’s Story

For West Didsbury and Chorlton AFC Juniors Spotlight, we interviewed one of the Junior players to find out what he thinks about playing for West

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Kelly’s Story

Kelly, 20, is a domestic violence survivor. She faced her harrowing experience late last year. Kelly has always been local to South Manchester. She used

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Ryan’s Story

My name’s Ryan and I came into the credit union world blissfully unaware of the positive impact the organisation could have on its community.

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Fog Lane Blog No 2

WOW… what a weekend! Last weekend, we were delighted to head to the seaside once again, for our annual WOW Weekend in Blackpool. Since merging

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