Save and win 

Make the most of your savings

This national initiative was started by HM Treasury and now it is run by credit unions ourselves.

Each month, Prize Savers are in with the chance to win £5,000… just by saving! (T&Cs apply)

There’s only a few credit unions across the UK that offer the account so it’s a great opportunity to get more for your savings.

Save to win

Every £1 that you put into your PrizeSaver account counts as 1 entry into a monthly draw.

You’ll be entered into the prize draw along with the other Prize Savers across the UK.

The maximum number of entries that you can have in the PrizeSaver account is 200 – which means you can have up to £200 in the account.

You can win a whopping £5000, smaller prizes include £20 and £50. 

Your savings are protected and insured

All of your savings here are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to £85,000 per account holder.

On top of this, we also give members free savings protection cover with our PrizeSaver accounts (T&C’s apply).

You own your local credit union

Everything you save in your PrizeSaver act as shares in your local credit union – you are a part owner!

You’ll have your say on all things credit union at our annual AGM, including voting on our board of directors. 

We've been here for over 24 years

Trust us – we know what we’re doing when it comes to keeping your money safe and empowering your finances.

We have been supporting our local communities since 2000, as a place where anyone who lives or works in South & Central Manchester can borrow affordably and save securely.

We aren’t stopping any time soon, so why not join your local community credit union today?

Build your savings your way

You can feel free to deposit anytime, and there are plenty of options when tucking your money away with us.

You can deposit through:

Withdrawing your savings

Looking to withdraw some of your savings? It’s easy! Our mobile messaging app is the quickest and most secure way of withdrawing your savings. We’re always just a message away.

We have plenty of saving options

Looking for something a little different to PrizeSaver? There are other options for you here that all have their own unique benefits.

Check out some of our different saving options here 👇

What to expect

Anyone who lives or works in South & Central Manchester can join us. We’ll just need to see some ID and proof of address and that’s it – we are inclusive to all! The best part is it is absolutely free to join and access all of the benefits we have to offer. Join today and start saving or apply for your first loan.

We could honestly talk all day about why you should join your local credit union!

To make it easy for you, have a quick read through our favourite reasons why joining a credit union is for just about everyone.

Of course! You can make deposits into your credit union account right from minute one. Open your account today.