Welcome to the Savings Hub

Here at South Manchester Credit Union we offer our members a variety of savings accounts, designed to meet our members needs. Whether saving towards a dream goal or putting some cash aside each month, we have you covered. 

Dream Saver

If you have a dream goal in mind this account will be perfect for you 

Christmas Club

Easily save and budget for the holiday season with this account

Save and win

Save here and be entered into a monthly prize draw 

Open and Locked savings accounts

These are our core savings account, every new member will have an open savings account opened for them upon joining. 

Open savings

Our most core account is our open savings, designed to keep your savings high and reduce the temptation to spend. Withdraw and deposit into this account easily.

Locked savings

This account is intended for borrowers, savings in this account are pleged towards your loan and support your credit level. Once the loan is paid off you will be left with a nest egg.

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"South Manchester Credit Union have really helped me from moving out independently to simply enjoying life a little with a holiday. They make you feel part of a real community"
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"I found South Manchester Credit Union to be a lifesaver, not just financially but moreover mentally I would say - peace of mind"
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"I can't recommend these guys enough, a fantastic service that is friendly and also professional. They make things easy for you to understand and show an interest in why you are using them. 5 stars. Thanks so much!"
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"Kind and polite staff, flexible with time. Great service👍🏾 Fast and reliable"

Have you got a dream goal?

Dream Saver is the perfect for you, set your goal and make it a reality with this savings account.

Dream Saver

We beleive in saving towards your dream goals, that is why we have designed the Dream Saver to help you reach them. Set your dream goal start your journey, your savings will be locked until it has been reached. 

Save and budget for the holiday season

Planning in advance for the holidays has never been easier with this savings account. 

Christmas Club

The Christmas Club account is a perfect way to plan and budget for the holiday season. Open an account and deposit easily, your savings will be locked until the 2nd of November.

Win while you save

Open a PrizeSaver account and each £1 saved will count as a entry into a monthly prize draw, you will have a chance of winning up to £5000.

Prize saver

Open a PrizeSaver and start depositing, for every £1 deposited you will be entered into a monthly prize draw – don’t worry the £1 will not leave your account. Prizes range from £10 all the way to £5000, a perfect oppurtunity to be rewarded while you save.

Why save with us?

Interact with our experienced team as we have provided our membership with financial support and access to savings accounts for over 20 years

99% of our 700+ Google reviews are 5 stars, something we are incredibly proud of. Our members show us lots of support and appreciation for the service we provide

Through saving with us, you are directly benefiting your local community. As we provide our loans from our memberships savings, your savings make a difference to the people around you

We are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and the PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority), meaning you can rest your mind at ease, knowing we are a organisation you can trust

Why borrow with us?

We have provided our members with financial support for over 20 years 

99% of our Google reviews are 5 stars

Your savings have a direct positive impact on the members of your community 

We are regulated by the FCA and PRA, meaning you can be assured we are a trustworthy organisation

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