For a savings secured loan

Keep your savings with a Secured Loan

We understand that it takes time and dedication to build your hard earned savings and you may be reluctant to spend them. 

The Secured Loan is here for those who want to access a loan and know their savings will be there once that loan is paid off. 

It has our lowest annual interest of 9% (APR 9.4%) on the reducing balance.

You can apply for between £150 and £15,000.

You pledge an equal amount of savings to the amount that you want to borrow – it’s that simple.

This is how it works...


You can apply what you have in your savings. The best way to do it is through Nivo – start your application now…

Repayments are simple

We want to make your loan repayments as easy as possible.

Most of our members decide to repay their loan with a standing order. This gives the flexibility of paying weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

We're good to go

Once our assessment is complete and if your loan is approved – we’ll send over the terms of the loan that we are offering to you.

If you are happy to accept, then go ahead and sign. 

We have an agreement. 

Topping up your loan

If you need a financial boost and you’re looking to re-finance your loan – you can.

The amount that you’re applying for needs to be more the £150 and it will need to be no more than the difference between your Secured Loan balance and the amount that that you have in your savings.

Keep a smile on your face

With our Secured Loan, there’s no need to dip into your savings. It gives you the best of both worlds with a low interest rate and your savings safely tucked away with the credit union.

It offers a cost-effective way to access funds and leaving your savings available for future needs – the Secured Loan will help keep a smile on your face.

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