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“South Manchester Credit Union have really helped me from moving out independently to simply enjoying life a little with a holiday” – Kia

“South Manchester Credit Union have really helped me from moving out independently to simply enjoying life a little with a holiday” – Kia

Loans that suit you

New members can apply for as much as anyone else, from £150-£15,000. Apply through our easy online form and speak to us on our messaging app.

Existing members who have built up savings with us may be able to access lower interest rates with our Saver Loan.

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"South Manchester Credit Union have really helped me from moving out independently to simply enjoying life a little with a holiday. They make you feel part of a real community"
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"I found South Manchester Credit Union to be a lifesaver, not just financially but moreover mentally I would say - peace of mind"
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"I can't recommend these guys enough, a fantastic service that is friendly and also professional. They make things easy for you to understand and show an interest in why you are using them. 5 stars. Thanks so much!"
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"Kind and polite staff, flexible with time. Great service👍🏾 Fast and reliable"

Join over 4,800 local people

Opening an account is easy:

Supporting local people since 2000

We have been supporting local communities since 2000, as a place where anyone in South & Central Manchester can borrow without getting ripped off and build a sustainable savings habit.

We don’t plan on stopping any time soon, so why not join your local community credit union today?

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Finance for local people

There are many reasons we think we are better than high street lenders and regular banks – we talk about it all day!

Read our favourite reasons for managing your money with a credit union.

£30 million lending milestone

We have recently celebrated £30 million in total lending since we were founded in 2000 – wow! That’s £30 million in safe, affordable loans to local people, improving the financial power of our local communities.

Download our messaging app

Our mobile messaging app is the easiest and quickest way to chat with us – think of it a bit like WhatsApp! Whether you’re joining up, applying for a loan, managing your account or simply have a question, ask us anything and we’ll get back to you within our operating hours.

Savings for peace of mind

Tuck away some savings for a rainy day or to work towards your dream goal. We encourage all our members who borrow to save whilst they repay.

You can deposit into your savings at any time by standing order or bank transfer. We can also take deposits through benefits deduction, payroll deduction, and cash 💰

Check out some of our different savings options below 👇

Hear from our members

We love hearing feedback and success stories from our members. Take a look at few of our favourites.

What to expect

Anyone who lives or works in South & Central Manchester can join us. We’ll just need to see some ID and proof of address and that’s it – we are inclusive to all! The best part is it is absolutely free to join and access all of the benefits we have to offer. Join today and start saving or apply for your first loan.

We could honestly talk all day about why you should join your local credit union!

To make it easy for you, have a quick read through our favourite reasons why joining a credit union is for everyone.

You can apply for a loan right away! Simply fill in our online loan application form and we’ll be back in touch within 1 working hour. We’ll then finish signing you up and guide you through the application process.

Interest on all of our loans is calculated daily on the reducing balance of your loan. With every repayment you make, you clear the interest accrued since your previous repayment and your interest is then calculated for your next repayment on the reduced balance – the lower your balance, the less interest you pay.

As a responsible lender, we will run a credit check on your first loan application. Our policy is that we may then run a credit check on any further loan applications. Your application will be assessed based on your credit file, affordability, and your personal circumstances, not just your credit score alone.