Not- for- Profit

Any profit may be returned to members in the form of a dividend

Low Interest Rates

Our rates range between

42.6% and 14% APR
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Quality Service

We provide quick, comprehensive support. We look to go the extra mile for those who need it

For the People

You are at the forefront of the organisation. Decisions that we make are to meet the diverse needs of our members

Free Insurance

We offer free insurance on loans and savings
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Easy to Save

You can set up a standing order or speak to your employer about starting our
payroll deduction scheme

 Can You Join? 

South Manchester is exclusively for people who work or live in South Manchester. If your postcode is on the map then you can take advantage of our attractive saving accounts and affordable loans. 

The best way to apply is through our mobile app, Nivo.


How Much Does It Cost?

There is a one-off joining fee of £3 and we ask that you make an initial deposit of £10 into your savings. The savings you build are your savings and they represent your shares in the credit union.  There are no annual costs and no hidden fees. 

Apply through our mobile app

Nivo is a fast and secured messaging service. All conversations through the app are encrypted- keeping your information safe and protecting your privacy

Don't want the app?

Not to worry, you can join online too! click open account and fill out the application: