This isn't car finance

It's better

Rates up to 14% APR (Smart Loan T&Cs apply)

A better way to finance your next car

Credit union loan

Car finance

When you’re buying a car, almost every dealer, car broker or car supermarket will offer you a finance scheme, it’s a major source of profit for the motor trade.

The problem with hire purchase is that you do not own the car until you have made your final repayments, meaning that the car is secured against your loan, and can even be taken from you. On top of this, there are often hidden fees and large deposits to be made before you even start paying back.

Our Car Loan gives solutions to the problems of car finance by giving you a chance to own your own car from the outset, with no deposit, no hidden fees, and at low-interest rates.

This is how it works...

Download the app

We have a fast and secure messaging app you can do everything over. Whether it’s joining, making a withdrawal or applying for a Smart Loan – it can all be done over Nivo.

Open your account

Next we’ll simply need to open your account.

7 simple steps

Once your account is set up, we can move onto your loan application.

We’ll walk you through 7 simple steps. We ask you about your income and credit history as well as finding the right level of repayments to suit you. 

Loan goes for assessment

Once the steps are complete – your loan will go forward for assessment.  

We ask that you allow up to 5 working days so sit back and relax. 

We're good to go

Once our assessment is complete and if your loan is approved – we’ll send over the terms of the loan that we are offering to you.

If you are happy to accept, then go ahead and sign. 

We have an agreement. 

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