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Why Nivo?

Because keeping you secure and making your life easy is important to us.

As cybercrime continues to increase, email isn’t safe anymore. That’s why we offer Nivo as a convenient alternative that ensures your personal information is secure from hackers and fraudsters.

Nivo is the fastest way for new members to sign up, and the best way for existing members to get in touch.


What is Nivo?

Nivo is a secure instant-messaging app for Android and iPhones. It’s just like the messaging apps you use every day, with extra security built in.

We recommend it as the best way to communicate with us, especially for sharing the personal information we require to get you set up, and for sensitive conversations about payments, banking details, and transaction requests.


What do I need to know before I start?

You will also be required to accept separate terms and conditions when you download the App. You can use this service to:

  • Provide data and information as part of joining and applying for loans
  • Provide images of documentation and yourself to support our identification checks, and fraud and anti-money laundering controls
  • Discuss any queries about your accounts with us

Registering on Nivo is easy. You download the app from the link below, provide your name and phone number, and set a 5-digit passcode. You should never disclose your 5 digit passcode to anybody else.

You can use Nivo to send us a message at any time and we will be able to reply during our office hours - we aim to respond within 1 hour.