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Brenda’s story

credit union is for everyone. Whatever the circumstances, you can rely on help and support from your credit union. Brenda, a South Manchester Credit Union member, experienced this when she went through her own financial difficulties.

Brenda and her husband did not always have the financial security they do now. Once being discharged from bankruptcy, she and her husband struggled to get back on their feet, although they both had full-time jobs. The couple was in desperate need of a second car so they could both get to and from work. From searching high and low, nowhere but their local credit union gave them a chance. Other finance providers never looked beyond their financial past. Brenda said ‘They focused on strict criteria, resulting in high-interest rates or flat out rejection – regardless of our incomes.’

After weighing up the options, South Manchester Credit Union proved to be her best choice.  We made a human decision rather than using a tick off procedure to assess Brenda’s loan. We didn’t just assess her financial history, but also her affordability, member history, and her saving record. We also gave thought to the person behind the application.

By choosing to borrow from the credit union she realised finance did not have to be so harsh. The loan was much more than just a financial boost – it was an opportunity to get her life back on track.  Brenda noted that not only did the loan significantly help her out, moreover she was given a quick response and the loan was in her account after a matter of days. From the care and understanding, Brenda received she said she ‘highly recommends a credit union to everyone.’

There are huge benefits from joining a credit union – you can save and borrow as well as helping others. We are a co-operative – we work together and support each other like a strong community.

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