From Berlin to Burnage

The artists of South Manchester

Mike and Sian are local artists that have some of their amazing work displayed in and around South Manchester. They are behind adding colour to shop shutters in Withington as well as our Fog Lane neighbours, Reasons to be Cheerful. More recently, Mike and Sian have been able to use the shutters at South Manchester Credit Union as a blank canvas to give 187 Fog Lane more life after hours.

Before displaying their signature art to the world, the couple worked for design agencies. After this, the pair decided to pack their bags and travel across Europe. During their adventures, they set up shop in Berlin to take a more hands-on approach and further embrace their own style.

Following their time in Berlin, the artists moved back to Manchester and have been working together for 2 years creating unique artwork.

Mike is Mancunian-born and bred and Sian has made Manchester her home. They have been able to share a lot of their art in different parts of the City with South Manchester being their favourite place for projects. Here they can express their unique style. They described how each project allows them to add a personal touch which gives them a real buzz.

“It’s certainly not all roses and we work hard at what we do. The fact that we haven’t had to compromise too much of our art is pretty incredible!”

One of their standout projects was working with the homeless charity Lifeshare. They were able to work with the charity on their first ever public billboard campaign. This venture meant a lot to Mike and Sian because their art was being used to promote a good cause.

Mike and Sian have a lot of new things to go for in the next couple of months with their schedule jam-packed with new projects! After they’re done, the duo wants to focus on their art as well as brightening up their local neighbourhood.

We’re excited to see what Mike and Sian create next!

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