We are looking for a Member Services Officer to join our staff team. Come and work with us to grow our community credit union. 

This is an opportunity to join us at a an exciting time as we look to build on the 500+ positive Google reviews we have received from members, grow our reputation and attract more local people to join and access our services.

The role is 30 hours a week and will be paid at the Living Wage which is £9.90 per hour. If you are a people person, good at numbers and want to work somewhere you can make a difference , this could be the job for you.

To apply, send your CV and covering letter to our CEO Sheenagh Young at sheenagh@smcreditunion.co.uk

We are accepting applications until July 6th, with interviews in the week of July 11th.



Job Description for Member Services Officer with responsibility for Lending

Salary range

£19,000 – £24,000 FTE

30 hours per week

Usually 9am – 5pm


187 Fog Lane, Burnage

Responsible to


Interacts with

General Public, Members, Volunteers, Directors, Staff and Stakeholders

Position Description

This is an outward facing role with responsibility for providing credit union services through all channels; messaging, phone, e-mail, post, website and face-to-face.

Primary Objective

The Member Services Officer carries out a wide range of duties to support the effective and efficient operation of the Credit Union. These include handling loan enquiries, member data collection, share withdrawals and loan tracking and assessment.

On a day to day level these duties will be carried out on a rota basis, as directed by the Member Services & Lending Team Lead. Each Member Services Officer will have a balance of duties as required by the current organisational needs. This balance will change from time to time to enable development of staff ability and business improvement.

Member Services

  • Respond to member service needs through all channels to agreed service standards.
  • Ensure accurate and timely transaction processing in accordance with the rules, policies and procedures of the Credit Union.
  • Fulfil End of Day routines regarding cash handling, outgoing post and completing member. transactions. On occasion go to the post office with other colleagues to bank cash.
  • Take good care of paperwork and member data in line with data protection legislation.
  • Attend regular staff meetings.
  • Keep clear workflows and good team communication.
  • Produce statistics as required by the organisation.
  • Attend training and development opportunities.
  • Work alongside other staff, volunteers and Directors to achieve required tasks.
  • Provide administrative support to Management or the Board of Directors as required.
  • Provide cover for other Credit Union staff in their absence.


  • Provide accurate information regarding loan enquiries including careful receipt of loan enquiry and consistent response with appropriate information.
  • Process member loan applications including receipt, credit check, affordability assessment and tracking through to disbursement. Assess applications accurately in line with current policy and procedures.
  • Identify loan applications requiring additional input from supervisor.
  • Maintain straightforward and consistent member communication during loan tracking.
  • Conduct face-to-face and phone loan interviews as required.
  • Ensure a complete document trail is maintained.
  • Assist in investigating and correcting errors, complaints, mispostings or similar.


  • Competency
    English language – written and spoken.
  • General skills
    Keep calm under pressure. Good communication. Respect all people. Good team working. Work in tune with Credit Union values.
  • Above average skills
    Numeracy, people skills, emotional intelligence
  • Specific knowledge
    Digital skills – Word, Excel, Outlook Diary management. Operating in Customer Management software eg, CURTAINS by Sercle.
  • Demonstrated ability
    Strong skills in prioritisation and flexibility. Commitment to excellence. Self motivation and self management. Tact and discretion. Understanding of what makes an effective and well run credit union. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Willingness to be trained is important.
  • Undergo a credit check and DBS check.

Education and Experience

  • Specific qualifications not required. Minimum GCSE standard in Maths and English.
  • Experience working under own initiative.

Physical Demands

  • Desk based role, use of telephone, use of display screen equipment, talking, listening, and interaction with people experiencing high levels of stress.

Work Environment

  • Office environment with access from general public when the front desk is open. Travel to/from community branches may be required.

Main duties and responsibilities for all staff

  • Fulfil role in a way which is in keeping with our Credit Union values
  • Support the achievement of our Credit Union objectives
  • Treat all members fairly and with respect
  • Maintain a calm, professional and friendly manner
  • Adhere to our Credit Union Confidentiality Pledge
  • Follow our Tone of Voice Guide in all communications
  • Follow our Credit Union rules, policies and procedures in all work
  • Proactively contribute to continuous improvement
  • Assist in investigating and correcting errors, complaints, mispostings or similar
  • Take responsibility for own work
  • Keep skills up to date and attend training and development opportunities
  • Work alongside other staff, volunteers and directors to achieve required tasks
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Keep clear work flows and good team communication
  • Provide cover for other Credit Union staff in their absence
  • Produce statistics as required by the organisation
  • Take pride in delivery of a high standard of work without unnecessary support

This job description is intended to convey information essential to understanding the scope of the job, the general nature and level of work performed by job holders within this job. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of qualifications, skills, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with the position.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To run a community credit union which is a significant asset to the people and the economy of South Manchester.

Our Mission

To provide a secure and professional service which encourages savings and offers loans to members. We are different because we:

  • Run the credit union ourselves for everyone in our community 
  • Keep local money within our local economy 
  • Reach out to the people who need us most 
  • Work with financially vulnerable people to find financial wellbeing 
  • Focus particularly on our young people 
  • Behave in a welcoming and ethical way

Our Values

Must inspire the commitment of time and energy. They are our beliefs about what is important:


local people helping local people


excellence is our goal


trustworthy, open and fair

Credit Union Objectives

Member Focus

Focuses on customer, provides high quality service. Seeks to understand customer needs

Provides a high level of service to customers. Maintains contact with customers, works out what they need and responds to them. Is aware of issues of diversity, and understands and is sensitive to cultural and racial differences.

Effective Communication

Communicates effectively both verbally and in writing

Speaks clearly and concisely, and does not use jargon. Writes in plain English and uses correct grammar. Is precise. Listens carefully to understand. Adapts the style of communication to meet the needs of the audience. Follows Tone of Voice guide.

Openness to change

Recognises and responds to the need for change and uses it to improve performance

Supports, promotes and puts into practice change. Open to new ways of doing things and encourages others to accept them. Overcomes barriers to change. Is flexible and prepared to try out new ideas.

Personal Responsibility

Takes personal responsibility for making things happen and achieving required results

Is focused on achieving results to required standards and developing skills and knowledge.

Readily accepts responsibility for self. Takes responsibility for own actions and for sorting out issues or problems that arise. Leads by example, showing a commitment and determination to succeed. Continues to learn and develop.

Planning & Organising

Plans, organises and supervises activities to ensure efficient and effective use of resources

Plans and carries out activities in an orderly and well structured way. Prioritises tasks, and uses time in the best possible way, and works within appropriate policy and procedures.

Respect for Diversity

Considers and demonstrates respect for others irrespective of position, background, status, etc.

Understands other people’s views and takes them into account. Is tactful and diplomatic when dealing with people. Treats people with dignity and respect at all times, no matter what their background, status, circumstances or appearance.

Team Working

Develops strong working relationships within and outside own team to achieve common goals

Works effectively as a team member and helps build relationships within it.

Creates working partnerships inside and outside the organisation. Where appropriate, develops links with outside stakeholders to get different views. Supports strategies to help people work together to achieve organisational goals.


Demonstrates resilience even in difficult situations. Prepared to make difficult decisions

Shows confidence to perform own role without unnecessary support in normal circumstances. Acts in an appropriate way and controls emotions

Strategic View

Looks at issues from a broad perspective. Thinks ahead and prepares for the future.

Takes an interest in the organisation beyond own role. Acts in the best interest of the organisation as a whole, rather than just own area. Understands policies and procedures, and prepares for the consequences of own actions