Local Money for Local Homes – Kia’s Story

The challenges that come with adulthood can be tough – exciting, yet still difficult to take on. The financial pressures attached to our big milestones, like moving out and having kids, can also be tricky to face.

Kia’s story is one of challenges to her finances, but also one of overcoming those hurdles and achieving her goals with South Manchester Credit Union. From moving out on her own for the very first time as a teenager to progressing her career and striving to reach new ambitions. This story shows us that having the right support improves your financial wellbeing and allows you to reach your ambitions.

A place to start building financial wellbeing

Kia joined South Manchester Credit Union when she was 17 years old – a perfect place to start her journey to financial wellbeing! Her mum has also been a South Manchester Credit Union member for a long time and suggested Kia join up to save and, should she need to, borrow.

She had also heard about us from some of her neighbours. The community was keen to spread the word about their local community credit union.

At the time, Kia was living at home. Eventually, however, she would need to move out.

Moving out on her own would be an exciting prospect, but challenging nevertheless.

Funding her first home

At 19 Kia was looking for her own place. Moving for the first time can be a big enough hurdle for anyone, but having to do this on her own at such a young age would undoubtedly present further financial barriers.

Kia was also looking to complete her driving test and study to be an early years educator. Her dream is to one day run her own nannying business.

Kia had her goals clearly laid out, but finding the funds to achieve them was a bit more complicated.

Deposit secured, savings building

Looking to secure a deposit so she could rent a home, Kia turned to South Manchester Credit Union.

Seeing Kia and recognising her ambitions, we were able to lend Kia the money to secure her deposit so she could achieve her goal of moving out!

Kia moved out and made her new house her own, even painting and decorating rooms herself to make sure her new home got that personal touch.

We strongly encourage everyone who borrows from us also saves with us whilst repaying their loan. This helped Kia to build a sustainable savings habit so she could continue to tuck away some money and work towards more home improvements.

Financial comfort at last

4 years on from Kia’s house deposit loan and her financial wellbeing is in great shape. Kia continues to save with us and is now budgeting better, looking to the future with her finances and planning ahead.

Her home is now fully decorated and she passed her driving test. In super exciting news, Kia is also finally qualified as an early years teacher, just as she set out to do – well done!

“South Manchester Credit Union have really helped me from moving out independently to simply enjoying life a little with a holiday”

Kia’s ambitions have also progressed, as she now wants to experience the world – she has already been to Turkey and won’t be stopping there.

Kia has become more financially secure, knows how to save, and keep track of her spending. She is confident to make financial decisions for herself.

“They make you feel part of a real community”

On top of the financial support from us that has helped Kia achieve her goals and progress, she loves being a part of the credit union community. For her, it feels like she’s part of something bigger. This is local money for local people.

How our community supports your goals

Reaching life goals isn’t always easy, but we see you. There’s a community of like-minded people right on your doorstep supporting each other’s financial wellbeing every day, each determined to achieve their own milestones, including Kia.

Life is for living and we’re here to provide the feel-good factor for your finances.

If you’re like Kia, looking to reach your goals in life and overcome those everyday financial hurdles, join South Manchester Credit Union today. We’ll help you progress, build a savings habit, and plan ahead to empower your financial future.

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