Never stop until you reach your dreams- David’s story

In your life, can you think of something you fought for? Something you put everything into? Now remember how it felt when you reached the finish line and achieved your goal. Hold that feeling and keep it close as you hear David’s story, a member of our community who knows that feeling all too well.

A sky full of clouds

It all started with a dream

As a child, David had big ambitions. He dreamt of becoming a doctor and he was determined to make his dream a reality.

Although he wouldn’t go on to study medicine, David studied Biochemistry in Nigeria as his first degree. However, due to factors out of his control, David was unable to complete his Master’s.

Whilst in Nigeria, David spent time working with terminally ill patients. He was struck by the amount of mis/underdiagnosis that led to people being in that position. He simply knew that a persons quality of life could be improved if first diagnosed properly.

It was his work in Nigeria that inspired David to seek a Master’s in Public Health. When an opportunity for a scholarship came up at the University of Salford, he couldn’t turn it down.

A doctor completing research

As part of his Master’s degree, David researched Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). Only 1 clinic in the UK is able to properly diagnose FASD, as research into FASD is new and limited – David wanted to be a part of influencing policymakers to make a real change.

A bump in the road

David wanted to continue and complete a PHD to achieve his dream, however, it would come with a cost. Being an international student meant David was not entitled to student loans or benefits. He was also limited to working a maximum of 20 hours a week. Coming to the UK with his wife and 2 young daughters, David had to consider his family when making his next move. Giving up on his PHD was never an option. He had the full support of his wife who worked full time throughout his studies, but David still had to raise more funds from somewhere.

Blocks spelling out the word loan

When David met South Manchester Credit Union

David’s options were limited. He was not previously aware of credit unions until a friend of his recommended he should talk to us about a loan.

“I thought I might as well try. What’s the worst that can happen?”

He applied for a Smart Loan to go straight towards his tuition fees, which would mean he could carry on with his PHD. A few days later, David received a call from us – his application was accepted!

David felt out of this world

“Wow! The feeling was out of this world. I was ecstatic, it really felt like a miracle. Even now it’s a like a brand-new feeling”

David was able to complete his PHD and achieve his dream. He was offered a permanent position at the University of Salford. This was perfect for him and his passion to contribute to the field of FASD. 

A student happy in the sun

Today, David is working as a researcher, attending conferences and presentations on the global stage. In the future he would be open to exploring research into the criminal justice system, neurodiversity and inequalities and aims to contribute to international policy. One thing you need to know about David – he reaches his dreams.

David’s advice to people still chasing their dream? “Keep trying every option you have. Magic can happen”.

If you have a dream you are chasing and you are facing financial hurdles make sure to read about our Smart Loan here. You can borrow up to £15,000 to help you reach those big milestones in life.

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