£30 million lending milestone – a massive step

We have recently celebrated a massive lending milestone here in at South Manchester Credit Union. Since we were founded in 2000 we have strived to provide our local community with flexible loan products and secure savings for all our members. 

Through the hard work of our volunteers, team members, board of directors and, of course, the support of our members, we have smashed £30 million all-time lending.

Reaching this landmark has brought us all so much joy as that £30 million has meant a difference to so many of our members. Whether it has been home improvements, a long-needed holiday or a new car to be able to get to work each day.

Meet the member who took us over £30 Million

To help us celebrate this great achievement, we reached out to the member who took the loan to bring us over £30 million all-time lending. The member was John who was excited to come down to Fog Lane and join us in having some cake. 

John has been a member with us for years and values our service highly, “Keep up the work you do – it helps so many people and you might not realise what a big difference you make so please keep going” John told us.

It is our members who are at the heart of everything we do, so we are proud to be able to offer a quality service and make a real difference in our local community.

To see more pictures of the record-breaking day find our Instagram here. 

Local money for local people

This achievement represents a major step in our credit union’s progress and our capabilities to serve our local community. 

Our CEO Sheenagh Young said – 

“Credit unions exist to increase the financial power of people in our communities, to work together to improve financial wellbeing and to be an anchor for safe financial services in the local social economy. £30 million in total lending from South Manchester Credit Union shows an expanding credit union presence and mutual trust between credit unions and local people. “


Local Withington Labour MP Jeff Smith congratulated us on our massive eachment saying – 

“As a member of South Manchester Credit Union, I know the fantastic strides the credit union has made since it started nearly 25 years ago in the church hall on Fog Lane, Burnage. The credit union has been a constant resource and support for the local community ever since. This achievement demonstrates the extensive support provided to local residents, steering many away from high interest lenders, and the support that local residents have given back. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen”.

How does our future look

As we step forward together into the future we aim to continue the great service we provide, offering fair and flexible loans and being a safe place for our members’ savings.

We aim to grow and support more members of our local community, so please refer us to your friends and family.  If you are not yet a member, come and join a community of people empowering their finances together.

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