Dreams do come true

Here at South Manchester Credit union there has been dreams and aspirations in the air ever since the launch of our latest savings account ,The Dream Saver. The account is designed to help you reach your dream, but what of the dreams that have already come to life? Well this is one of those stories; this is a story of love, heat and cars.

New beginnings

Teresa and Kenneth met and soon after Kenneth asked Teresa to join him on a holiday to Florida in October. As it was somewhere Teresa had never been before, Kenneth was surprised to hear, while on the way home, Teresa asking if they were booking again for next year. 

From then on, it was written in the stars and the couple returned to Florida in 2013, this time they would leave newlyweds. The holiday kicked off with a bottle of champagne on the plane, only right. The day of the wedding saw Teresa’s daughter shuttling people from where they were staying to the picturesque location of their wedding.

They were wed under a beautiful gazebo surrounded by friends, family, and show cars. However the trip wasn’t always smooth sailing, with the Florida sun causing Teresa to suffer with sun sickness, however, they did not let this get them down.

Pictured above is the gazebo the wedding took place.

Both Teresa and Kenneth are long time members here, Teresa first heard of us in 2010 through her previous role as a housing officer for Southway Housing Trust.

“Credit unions are a good way out of trouble situations such as debt and arrears”

Being a member here was an important factor for the couple achieving their dream wedding

“We couldn’t have done it without low priced loans where you can save at the same time, it was fantastic”

It makes us so happy to see and hear the impact our credit union can have on people. You will be glad to hear that the story hasn’t ended yet, as Teresa and Kenneth are returning to Florida next year. We hope the weather is good for them and many new memories will be made.

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