Durani’s Story: “The credit union has given me the discipline to save”

It’s not every day you make the big decision to purchase your first home, but that’s the decision Durani made just last year.

Recently, Durani was able to put a deposit down for his first home out in the countryside and used his credit union savings account to build towards his goal.

Finding it difficult to save

He first opened his account back in 2014. Before then, Durani found it challenging to save. He had his savings account linked to his bank account and would find himself transferring money and spending it. Durani realised that he was spending a lot more money because it was too easy to constantly withdraw from his savings. As soon as he logged into his online banking, his savings were too accessible. With the click of a button, he could transfer them and spend his savings. Whenever he wanted.

When Durani noticed his savings were not growing, he started to use his credit union account… and what a difference it made!

Using his credit union account

Instead of moving money without thinking, he was able to set it aside. From this, his savings would grow into a healthy amount. He described “the money isn’t just there in front of me, I’ll only withdraw it when I actually need it”.

Because of this, Durani developed a resilience towards spending. He became more careful with his finances which gave him the ability to budget and create a saving habit – Durani said ‘the credit union has given me the discipline to save’.

Whilst saving, Durani has been able to enjoy everyday life too. He found setting up a standing order on payday was a huge advantage! This meant that he wouldn’t even notice it leaving his account. He would save what he could afford as well as pushing himself to deposit when he knew he could. 

Achieving his goals

Now, Durani sees himself with enough savings for a deposit for his first home. He’s reached a milestone in his life. He has a place that he can now call his own with his wife and start to create a family.

His next steps are to purchase a car as well as look into possibilities of setting up his own business using his credit union account along the way. The future looks bright for Durani and the sky is the limit!

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