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Eden Aesthetics Story

“The credit union has helped us turn an idea into a business!”

You’d be forgiven for thinking the financial sector isn’t always a glamorous one, but this story could well change your mind. One of our members, Chloe, secured a loan from us to help set up her own business, Eden Aesthetics, along with her friend and new credit union member, Jessica. What makes this story all that more impressive is that these inspiring ladies have young children at home. As you can imagine, developing a new business and working as nurses is time-consuming and doing this with kids deserves a gold medal in our book.

Their business focuses on medical aesthetics such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. The loan was intended to pay for top of the range equipment and products to offer a quality service that they felt was needed in the market. Although the pair understood that these items could have been financed separately, having everything consolidated into one easy flexible payment each month proved to be a convenient and cost-effective alternative.

Fortunately, the pair don’t just rely on their equipment. When it comes to the medical profession, the young entrepreneurs have a vast amount of knowledge. The two have earned the accolade of being NMC registered nurses and have completed additional courses to become experts in their field. With their business passion and thirst for learning, they show no signs of slowing with their development. They are both working towards studying a Masters at university, which really displays their intent to progress in addition to their commitment to providing qualified medical aesthetics to the South Mancunian community.

From speaking to Chloe and Jessica, they made it clear that a credit union loan was much more personal. Banks could be dismissive, and focused solely upon their credit score, with increased repayments to leverage the risk of lending to a brand new business. Although any new business has an element of risk, actually taking the time to talk to the duo had a big influence on our decision-making.

Our philosophy to serve members with fair finance allowed us to provide a rate that the pair could comfortably afford. We were able to use Chloe’s credit union history of consistent loan repayments and saving levels as well as a face-to-face interview to make a rational, human decision. We always aim to help our community’s finances and nothing is more exciting than watching a new business blossom.

We wish Eden Aesthetics all the best – and under the professional management of Chloe and Jessica, we have no doubt that the business will succeed.

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