Borrowing with bad credit

A bad credit rating can make credit offers hard to come by. Banks, along with other loan providers, may be reluctant to lend you money. Credit unions, on the other hand, understand you are more than just a credit score. We lend money to any of our members, including those with poor credit ratings – without the crazy interest. As long as you can afford to repay the loan you can apply with us.

South Manchester Credit Union is community focused. We only exist to serve the financial needs of the people of South Manchester and offer affordable credit to all of our community. We are able to offer low-cost loans because we are a not-for-profit co-operative. We prioritise our members’ needs instead of lining the pockets of disinterested shareholders – enabling us to give you the best offer possible. Along with this comes free loan insurance for our members, a cost paid for by the credit union to offer value that you cannot find anywhere else.

We have an ethical approach to our lending. There are no hidden fees and all of our charges are transparent and fair. We lend responsibly and ensure you can afford the amount you borrow as well as being able to afford the repayments too. We would never expect your finances to be strained in repaying the loan – your financial well-being is our priority. 

When repaying your loan, we ask you to regularly add to your savings too. This is so you can build your savings and work towards applying for further loans later on in your membership.

Work with us to re-build your credit score. We are an investment and a good one at that. We want to help you because we do not agree with a credit score defining your finances. A loan should be made on a fair decision not a prehistoric record on a computer. South Manchester Credit Union is people helping people for the greater good of our community – join that community and reap the benefits.

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