Can you apply for a loan in 2020?

So far, as a nation, we’ve all shown a great amount of solidarity. We can appreciate all the efforts and sacrifices that we make together every day. 

Now, with better news coming our way, it is time to make plans for the things we’ve been dreaming of. Can we start to see the greener grass on the other side, and might we need a loan to compensate for the costs?  

I for one am hopeful of what’s to come. Words can’t describe how excited I am to see my friends and family as well as getting normality back in my life. 

For me, I’ve started to miss the things I’ve perhaps taken for granted. Not queuing just to get into the supermarket, a pint in a beer garden and even going to our spacious office on Fog Lane. 

It’s business as usual

You’ll be happy to know that your local credit union is still operating at close to full capacity. Although 187 Fog lane is closed to the public, 95% of our services are done online. 

Our mobile messaging app is open for business 24/7 and members are enjoying the convenience of secure messaging which can then be picked up in ordinary working hours. Newcomers can easily join and apply for loans too.

Given the circumstances, South Manchester Credit Union is in a strong position to offer its services from the safety of our homes. We have the right technology and team in place to continue to offer financial support. If hardship comes, know you can lean on your credit union.

Looking at life beyond Corona

We’re all looking forward to seeing what’s on the other side of COVID-19. Many plans have been spoilt by the virus, but it can be exciting to think of the possibilities after. 

For me, I had planned to ride to Scotland with a couple of friends. Lockdown’s restrictions meant that we had to delay the trip. I also had intentions to move out of my current flat, but again, only to be put on hold until the virus has passed. 

Although quite minor in the grand scheme of everything, it’s a small glimpse into how a life can be affected. 

Now though, I am readying my finance for what lies ahead – why not do the same. 

We all have different ambitions in some way or another and we’ll all be excited for what we’re going to do once the restrictions have been lifted. Maybe a city break, a belated birthday celebration or even some personal TLC with a haircut! 

Whatever you have in mind could be supported with a loan from your local credit union. 

There is still uncertainty about when we can achieve our post corona goals, but we can plan to get our finances in check and a loan could be something that can help you meet your own personal aspirations.

Going through Financial Hardship

For some, finances are being stretched beyond their means and it can be a struggle to find financial security. 

An affordable loan from a credit union can be a consideration during this tough period. We understand that income may be hard to come by and we want to do what we can to support those who need it. 

Lockdown restrictions have cut out costs in our lives, but you may need to borrow money for regular expenses. Bills, rent, and other day-to-day expenditures haven’t stopped and can now create more financial anxiety than they would have before.

How you can apply for a loan?

Our mobile messaging app, Nivo does the work for you.

You download the app and send us a message to open your account. Once that’s all set up you can apply for a loan. The process is seamless. 

With South Manchester Credit Union, you can rest assured knowing that there is a human on the other end. We are confident in the flexibility of our products for the current crisis and we will always carefully work towards finding a financial solution to your needs.

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